Tribal Rivals




A clone of Clash of Clans set in Arabia


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Tribal Rivals is a strategy game in real time that's openly inspired by Clash of Clans. However, instead of controlling rival clans of medieval warriors, you have to lead different middle eastern tribes in the twentieth century.

The gameplay in Tribal Rivals is almost identical to that of Clash of Clans, copying even the different types of buildings and units you can create. You have to construct the headquarters and all the necessary buildings and defenses in order to develop your tribe. To do this, you need different types of resources such as gold and water.

Aside from managing your little town of warriors, you also can recruit a small army and attack other tribes. These armies can be made up of all types of units: infantry, cavalry, and of course, artillery. Every soldier in the army has a specific function.

Tribal Rivals is an unoriginal real-time strategy game. Unfortunately, it doesn't offer anything new for veteran players of the genre and doesn't even have very good graphics.

Requires Android 4.1 or higher

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